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The Great Llama Race
What an AMAZING Experience!

This April 5th Knoxville, TN hosted the first Great Llama Race. An event benefiting Casa de Sara, Knox County and surrounding area schools, and Southeast Llama Rescue!

This was not only a SELR thing, but a LLAMA thing. We had quite a number of farms represent with their llamas being in the race and Camelid oriented business vendors. There was over 5,000 attendees with other large groups clamoring along the bridge to get a better view of the races. We can only imagine what next year will bring, but we know one thing for sure. It's gonna be a doozy of a fundraiser and one heck of a llama party! The Great Llama Race on Youtube

Baby llama with the burning questions...

Who Do I Speak to?

Confused about who to speak to about our organization? Never fear we are here and looking forward to speaking with you, whatever your need. Our Adoption Coordinators list can put you in touch with someone in or near your state.

We also offer our "Ask Annie" option where you can get in touch with Annie Higginbotham who will be happy to answer questions about medical or behavioral needs with the llamas you currently own.