Southeast Llama Rescue is always willing to try to help you. SELR is also one of the few organizations that can be turned to in cases of aggression and other behavior problems. But there are other rescue resources and options that may be closer to your area. We hope that everyone who has a legitimate rescue option will contact us to be listed here. Please feel free to link our site to yours so that all llama owners, and the llamas, have an opportunity to be helped. Working together benefits llamas most of all.

SELR does not endorse or inspect these organizations, their practices, policies or care. They are listed here for your information only.

  • Promising Hope Animal Sanctuary
    Contact: Michelle Rodgers Promisinghope2u@
    40 Beach Street Middleboro, MA 02346
    Promising Hope will offer a place of refuge to help in protecting the quality of life and improve the well being of abused, neglected, unwanted, or displaced farm animals/livestock through prevention, education, intervention, placement, and lifetime care where they will live out their lives with dignity, love, and respect. We are a no-kill sanctuary for farm animals/livestock - Sanctuaries exist in recognition that all lives have value and that we have an obligation to attempt to right the wrongs that some humans have done to animals

  • Central Oregon Llama Association Llama Rescue
    Contact: Carole Giroux 541-388-0701 or 1-800-241-LAMA
    64800 Hunnell Road, Bend, OR 97701
    The Central Oregon Llama Rescue Group responds to situations where llamas are found abandoned, endangered or neglected. We do not solicit for llamas. We do not facilitate herd dispersals.

  • Ching Farm Rescue & Sanctuary in Utah
    Contact: Faith Ching, Executive Director 801-446-7741
    PO Box 935, Riverton, UT 84065
    At Ching Farm, we fill a need in the Salt Lake area by advocating for farm animals through rescue, education, and adoption and placement services. We believe that our advocate work can help change perceptions of farm animals and create a deeper respect for the rich emotional lives of these animals. The Ching Farm Rescue is an affiliate of Country Critters Rescue Corral (, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization, located in Washington State.

  • El Ranchito Del Los Llamas Abandonados in California
    Contact: Larry or Paula Lang 661-867-2066
    Rehabbers. No room to take llamas in at the moment, but can do free consult for aggression and other behavioral problems. We live in Walker Basin, CA, but will assist in Kern, Inyo, San Bernardino, Riverside, Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego, Ventura, Santa Barabara and Riverside Counties.

  • Indian Creek Llama Sanctuary in Tennessee
    Contact: George Brandon 865-435-4273
    564 Mahoney Road, Oliver Springs, TN 37840
    See their online news article and video at:

    Indian Creek Llama Sanctuary was formed to provide a permanent home for llamas generally considered to be "unadoptable" because of chronic medical conditions that require continuous care. We currently supply food, shelter, and medical care and treatment to 21 llamas and have room for several more. Of special interest to us is the care of animals with digestive problems that require special feeds and underdeveloped llamas typically diagnosed as "failure-to-thrive". In addition, we also offer support and help to new llama owners in the East Tennessee area. We will pick up llamas within a 150-mile radius of Knoxville, Tennessee. We receive occasional donations, but fund most of the Sanctuary's activities through our own personal resources. We are accordingly unable to buy llamas and must reserve our funds for use in caring and treating the animals permanently residing at Indian Creek.

  • Lithia Llamas & Livestock in Massachusetts
    Contact: Lynn Lenker , Tim Barrus or Sara LaValley 413-268-3638 or 413-268-0180
    PO Box 411, Goshen MA 01032
    We aren't an organization, just a farm with lots of space for critters and a heartfelt need to help when we can. Services include providing a safe, long term home for llamas and other animals in need. We will do rehabilitation, but only with animals we own or who have been given to us. We do offer consultation for people who are experiencing problems with their llamas, horses, or other animals. We are a working farm of close to a thousand acres with a number of good useable barns and lots of pasture space. We currently have 75 llamas, eleven horses, an orphaned goat, chickens, guineas, dogs, cats, parrots, and a king snake. In the past 12 months we have taken in about 14 llamas in need of a home and several horses as well. This is a farm supported rescue operation. We receive no funding or donations, so are limited by our resources at the time of the request for assistance. Most of the animals who are adopted remain here for their lifetime. A few are placed in well screened and appropriate homes. In most cases we are able to offer transportation for the animals we adopt. It often depends upon distance. We employ two horse trailers and a utility van to transport.

  • Llamas4God Ministry in Southwest Virginia/Northeast Tennessee
    Contact: Karen or Paul Miller
    276-466-LAMA (5262)
    7750 Reedy Creek Road, Bristol, VA. 24202
    We are located in Southwest Virginia on the Tennessee border, and are willing to offer support to current and future llama owners regarding the behavior, care, management and training of llamas. We have a portable chute for shearing, trimming toenails, etc., and will travel within a couple of hours radius from Bristol. We can offer suggested readings and web sites regarding llama care. If we cannot help, we will try our best to find someone knowledgeable who can. Will work with law enforcement and animal control groups to help capture any "found" or escaped llamas and can provide transportation to a temporary haven for them until placed. We can contact experienced llama veterinarians when serious medical care is needed.

  • Northeast Llama Rescue in New York
    Contact: Wes Laraway 518-827-7733
    Red Maple Farm, 167 Llama Lane, PO Box 410, Middleburgh, NY 12122.
    We are located in the Northeast but have rescued llamas from all over the US. We have rehabilitated and found homes for over 50 llamas in 2001. We try not to turn any animal in need away that needs a home. We have a truck and trailer and have traveled thousands of miles in our quest to pick up animals that need a home. Unfortunately, we fund this unprofitable enterprise out of our pocket so we no longer are able to afford to buy animals and are always looking for donations to help us save more llamas.

  • Pleasant Acres Farm in Pennsylvania
    Contact: Chris and Dave Stull 717-464-5132
    Free consult and evaluation for behavior problems and aggressive llamas.

  • Second Chance Companions in Washington
    Contact: Martha Brooks 360-936-5758
    Although Second Chance Companions is primarily a cat & dog adoption organization, we do place llamas. Our llama placement program is managed in conjunction with Southwest Washington Llama Association. SCC provides a standardized application system, photo and description display on Petfinders as linked thru our website, and skilled applicant screening. SWWLA members help determine temperament and over-all health of adoptable llamas, ascertain need for pre-adoption services such as shearing, toe-nail trimming, worming, etc., and help set guidelines for the most suitable home for individual llamas. All adoptions are processed through Second Chance Companions, a 501c3 compliant organization in Washington State.

  • Southern Oregon Llama Owners
    Contact: Ginger Casto 541-899-9628
    Southern Oregon Llama Owners is a non-profit organization that seeks to find alternative placement for llamas that may be abused, abandoned, neglected or situationally compromised, and provide the services necessary to move and treat the animals and secure their health and welfare.

  • Southwest Llama Rescue
    Contact: SWLR 505-690-2611
    SWLR is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization incorporated in New Mexico and funded by donations and adoption fees. SWLR takes in llamas that are abused and neglected, or from owners unable to keep their llamas due to failing health, aging, or lifestyle changes. We also work closely with animal control authorities and law enforcement officials.

  • StillPointe, A Sanctuary in Northwestern Washington
    Contact: Chela Grey 360-452-3656
    PO Box 955, Carlsborg, WA 98324
    Stillpointe is committed to the rescue of llamas; the education of children and adults in the care and respect for llamas and other animals, utilizing the llamas as well as the arts, nature and spiritual retreats as therapeutic tools. We do not solicit llamas in need, but try to take in, or find a foster home for, any that we are asked to help. We are a Federal non-profit organization, so depend upon donations to do our work.

  • Arizona Llama Rescue
    Queen Creek residents Dave Salge and Alicia Santiago have their hands full with nine rescued llamas in addition to four of their own, as part of the Arizona Llama Rescue, a non-profit they founded.